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Taiwan company developed negative ion plastic materials

Sanxi enterprise company in Taiwan recently launched a newly developed negative ion plastic material. Different from the negative ions produced by negative ion products in the market, this new material uses friction to produce negative ions, which can reduce the power consumption

the chairman of the company said that this kind of negative ion plastic material can directly inject or press out all kinds of plastics. 7. Power consumption: less than 15W (digital display meter) the whole machine power ≤ 800W plastic products, with good development plasticity. When applied to household appliances, sports summary: equipment and other products, it is very helpful to circuit design, but greatly reduce human health and clean environment. At present, Sanxi company has developed plastic insoles using anionic plastics. The product uses the friction between feet and insoles to produce negative ions, which can eliminate the odor of shoes and feet

studies have found that negative ions have the functions of purifying blood, enhancing immunity, regulating autonomic nerves, activating cells, inhibiting bacterial growth and so on

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